2022 Zodiac Cadet Aluminum 310

New - Water Damaged Shipping Box
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Its superiority is due to the use of higher quality materials and the tubes assembly welding, which ensure optimal resistance and durability.

This boat was delivered with a water damaged box from another dealer. Still a brand new boat with the standard Zodiac Warranty!!!

 Oversized Item!!!

This item is oversized and is freight shipped only!!!
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In its rich and high quality equipment, you will find some of the Zodiac Nautic patented units such ast he rowlock with its three-dimensional adjustment or the dump with inner control, more comfortable and safe to use. Available in 3 floor options (depending on the size), to be selected depending on the available storage capacity on your unit.

Compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker, the CADET holds its own against larger models. Its progressive-diameter buoyancy-tube provides improved stability. CADETs have an outstanding lifespan and guarantee a high level of safety for their owners (due to the closure of the welded float and the glued overlap).

The high-performance aluminium-floor Alu series models have an inflatable keel enabling them to plane rapidly and improving manoeuvrability.

HULL & DECK : 2 Lifting Eyes, 2 Towing Rings, Internally-Operated Bailer.
COMFORT: Double Position Auminium Removable Thwart.
TUBE: 1 Bow Handle. 2 Carrying Handles, Reinforced Fishtails Cone Ends.
OTHER: 2 Transport Bags, Aluminum oars, Foot Inflator, Repair Kit / Owner’s Manual.

Choose from a wide product range, the tender that fits your needs :

Cadet 200 Roll Up and Aero 2m / 6’7 “
Cadet 230 Roll Up and Aero 2,3 / 7’7 “
Cadet 270 Roll Up, Aero and Alu 2,7m / 8’10 “
Cadet 310 Aero and Alu 3,1m / 10’2 “
Cadet 350 Aero and Alu 3,5m / 11’6 “
The equipment is most likely to be patented, such as the system of rowlock or the internal command of the self bailor. The whole set has an incomparable style, nothing surprising, it is a Zodiac® Tender.

• Different types of floors: slatted, inflatable or aluminum
• Truncated cones
• Thwart / seat and carrying bag included as standard

Material: PVC
Color: White/Light Gray
Length(Meters/Feet): 3.m / 10'2"
Capacity: 1323lbs / 3+1 Person(s)
Max HP: 15HP
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